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Both Nokia and Sony Ericsson have announced about launching a couple of interesting phones soon.

Sony Ericsson will be launching its all new Sony Ericsson Satio Smartphone some time in September, while Nokia will go ahead with the launch of its first ever Maemo based Smartphone/Tablet – Nokia N900 in the forthcoming Nokia World event due to be held in September/October 2009 .

Revelation of the specifications and video trailers of Sony Ericsson Satio and Nokia N900 have already caused quite a buzz among the gadget freaks and off late, I have been seeing many queries between the two from Smartphone enthusiasts. This prompted me to write a short comparison article between these two Smartphones. May be its too early to compare, but it can still give some insight into how each of these Smartphones fare over the other. With that, let me start the comparisons between certain features of Nokia N900 and Sony Ericsson Satio.
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