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Nothing brings a living room together quite like a coffee table, but as the modern designs look into multi-functionality of furniture.Sony has been coming up with excellent new inventions since is birth in 1950’s and this time it has been put forth in a modern innovative idea of fusing Technology with furniture by making the Sony Fusion Coffee Table.

The Sony Fusion is a desktop infused with a coffee table to serve both function of being a sleek, multipurpose table and a high performance desktop. Crafted in matte black aluminum with a sleek chrome lining and supported by arched chrome legs, the Sony Fusion just takes a push of the button to convert the table into a work station with sleek touch sensitive keyboard and adjustable screen. The table top effortlessly splits in half and soundlessly slides apart to reveal the LED outlined keyboard, screen and DVD drive on the side of the table. Priced at $3000, the Sony Fusion will be available in three different colors – blue, white and red — when it goes into production.

But another coffee table that would not burden your pockets that much are the LED Video Coffee Tables and now that you have your coffee tables how about some Arcade Coffee Mugs


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