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The Window Phone is one of those cell phones which is totally out of this world and brings in a completely new way of using cell phone. This concept mobile phone allows you to transform its appearance just like a window does when the weather changes.

Designer Seunghan Song’s concept Window Phone imagines what it would be like to get the weather from your mobile, as intuitively as looking out your window. The touch sensitive phone is a piece of glass which changes in appearance based on your local weather, going from clear and sunny, to rainy or frosty.

The phone is designed as a thin, clear and transparent plastic sheet, which remains clear during a sunny day, becomes humid during a rainy day and takes a dump outlook during a snowy day. The user can write text messages or draw pictures on the phone in different weather conditions which will later transform and show as SMS characters. The screen features sensitive interaction with the user and comprises the state of a window in different weather conditions. The phone comes with a unique user interface which helps the user to use the cell phone according to the temperature.w in different weather conditions.

When you blow your breath, you can easily begin to input text as it goes into a hand writing mode. Moreover, the cell phone looks amazingly chic and beautiful and if it is ever manufactured, I would be the first person to buy it. There is no information about its price or availability as it is still in the conceptual stage. It is amazing how some people can create such beautiful designs.


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